Amazon Book Review: Beyond Gripping

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This review is from: Restitution (Paperback)

From the start of this story, you already feel that you are inserted into Tessie’s heart, which is indeed battered and I ached for her stolen innocence. To trust as a child is easy. To trust someone who is supposed to represent holiness should be even easier. To have that trust taken so young is horrendous. A dark, compelling journey into the trauma of abuse, Restitution describes the paramount feelings of pregnancy and abortion, adoption and the decisions Tess makes regarding her future with her baby. This was very realistic and I felt so connected to her pain. She put up with so much. (I wanted to slap Billy, just like Tess did!) The settings were easily conjured up in my mind so I could picture being right there with the characters,especially the teen scenes, which is something I must have in a book! The author portrays beautifully how a victim’s life is changed drastically, but reminds us that everyone around him or her is changed as well. Reading her “thoughts” was a great addition to the story. Tess is an incredible survivor and a heroine too, when all is said and done. Bravo, Ms. Frey!



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