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a book on vulnerability, shame and who we are



You are a hot mess… and you are not alone!

We all believe incorrect things in our lives; especially about who we are and what we have done.

We identify with roles and labels but have no idea who we really are.

We live in fear of revealing our self to even our self let alone others.

We stay in self-made prisons from guilt and are taken captive by shame.

Your prison keeps you from actually living life. 


You matter…undress the layers and embrace it!

You are beautiful, loved, valued, accepted and forgiven…no matter what mess you are hiding under.

You don’t get transformed by working hard on who you are but rather on changing what you believe.

Let’s us help you to get stripped down to your core and lay the foundations for change and self-acceptance.


The problem

We struggle to find support and safe spaces to become vulnerable.

We falsely believe we are the only ones dealing with problems and think we are isolated and alone.

There are still people that want to condemn us for our actions and tell us who we are and what we should be. How do we handle that without feeling deeply wounded all over again?

We just don’t even know where to start in this journey.


AMAZON_BUYNOW_A book not focused on what you are hiding from but how to look it in the eye and overcome

Courtney & Jen share deeply personal stories that will resonate with your own. You will understand you are not alone and that no matter how our stories vary in detail; we all experience the same emotions and thoughts that keep us locked away in guilt and shame.

They don’t stop with authentic stories but share the moment of breakthrough and expose you to the truths you can embrace to create your own breakthrough.

We are a thousand voices strong!


If you are looking for an authentic approach to taking the steps towards revealing yourself in vulnerability and setting yourself on the path of self-discovery then this is the book for you!



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