Holding onto Hope: Restitution Excerpt

logo“God had tied a rope to each end of Rebecca and my soul’s, and the strength of it would one day teach us to let loose and be strong without it. For now, it pulled us closer. And while Rebecca lay, barely breathing, more times than not, I had learned to write about her. My journal became our restitution, the only way I could take back what felt like the other’s power – and make it mean something, somehow. I could put every hurt down with a pencil, and suddenly it couldn’t hurt us. It was our telling, our taking back what was rightfully ours – the experience of feeling un-loved.”

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Tess begged to matter. It was only when Rebecca showed up, beaten and bruised, in the ditch that ran between their homes that Tess realized; she wasn’t the only one. Together they build a bridge back to the little girls within them they’d had to leave behind to survive. A murder, an adoption, and years of homelessness later … the two girls discover that against the odds – nothing is ever in vain. Finding love starts with purpose. Have you ever desired in your heart of hearts to be needed, wanted, loved and validated? Join the journey with Tess and Rebecca and you just might find out that there is a way. One you never expected.


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