Free Signed Copy: Help Me Spread the Message of Hope!

book review


Starting today until August 31st I will be giving away a FREE SIGNED COPY of my book, Restitution, to anyone who downloads it on Kindle and leaves a review.  The reason for the Signed Copy after you’ve already downloaded it?  Because I believe that there are people, or at least someone, in your life that needs this message.  It could be your sister, your best friend, your co-worker … someone in your life who you know struggles from the pain of their past and is seeking a bold new way of looking at discovering healing in purpose and that nothing they’ve gone through is in vain.  It is my prayer that the signed copy will go from your hands to someone hurting.  That we can spread the message that NOTHING IS IN VAIN and with our experiences we can garner great purpose.

This is a pay it forward gift, from me to you for helping me to spread the word and the message of healing.  You can be a part of someone’s hope with this brave novel that exposes the lies and the shame of childhood issues and breaks the cycle of being a victim.  Will you help me?

It’s easy!

1.)  DOWNLOAD KINDLE VERSION HERE … then all you have to do is leave a review and let me know you did by coming back here to this post and telling me your name on the review.  I’ll contact you privately for your mailing address and ship one out to you free of charge.

Have an inspiring book that you’ve written yourself that lends to healing and purpose?  Please let me know!  I’m an advocate for getting that message out and would love to help you as well.  Have a page I can visit and like?  A blog I can comment on and share?  Let’s make this a forward movement!

My love, light, and peace to all.  Bless You!



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