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In 5 days I am making the first 6 chapters of Restitution available for FREE to my Restitution Community Followers.  The book trailer is launching on June 6th.  I will be doing a live radio show with Rachel Love on the 6th.  Find out why people are joining the Restitution Movement, and why exposing the truths about child hood sexual abuse, adoption, incest, and other issues is so important to so many.  Don’t miss out!

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 Book Reviews …..

“Restitution is a book that will open up dark, scary places in our souls showing us feelings we brush under the rug most of our life. But, it will shine a light of hope and grace on those places washing them anew. The book will do more than bring you to the bridge.  It will give you the courage to cross it.

Tess’ story resonates with me at my core. Although my situation was vastly different than Tess’, the emotional wounds I carried were the same. This deep desire to belong, to be loved and to feel worthy led me to live a life that wasn’t mine.  I, too, had moments of shouting at God as to why he had forgotten me.  It always started with the why.

Why have you forgotten me? Why don’t I fit in? Why do they leave me? Why am I not good enough? Why…why….why.

We all need to know we belong, that we are loved and accepted for who we are not what we do or can give.  Restitution will resonate with your soul. I have crossed the bridge and can say with certainty that you can reclaim all that you lost, had taken or gave away.”  – Jen Kelchner, Founder of The Value Project


Restitution is a “must read” book for anyone going through rape, teen pregnancy, or incest.  This is a true story of how you can have all odds against you and still break through with your head held high. It isn’t pretty and it is raw but it is honest and you can tell it is written from the heart.  You are constantly on edge wondering if Tess and Becca will ever get back to the bridge to reunite.

Reading this book took me back to my teen years as being a teenager and pregnant.   Just like Tess, I was a teen- age pregnant girl going to school.  At times you lose your way and you are attracted to people who pay attention to you.  Any kind of attention, whether good or bad.  You get hooked up with the wrong crowd.  You go through this experience with a split personality.  Like the devil and the angel.  You know the devil is telling you to “just do it” and the angel part is telling you deep in your soul that you shouldn’t “just do it”.  But you have to live, and you have to experience life.  You go through all this so in the end you are a better person and you can hold your head up high as you “SURVIVED.”     Gwen, Waterloo Iowa


“This book is both a warning to young girls and reassurance to those who
have suffered the indignities of child sexual abuse. It’s written from the
heart by an author who has gone through it, was devastated, survived it
all, and recovered to tell her story in agonizing and brutal detail.

It’s listed as fiction, but that’s only to protect the guilty from
exposure. If the author had named the perpetrators, failed friends,
perverted pastor and evil relatives, the ramifications would spread like
wildfire.”  Rich, Cedar Rapids Iowa ~ Editor




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