Restitution, my novel, is based on a true story.   I look forward to discovering who can relate, be inspired, and inspire me through this journey.  My novel is a terrifying look into the lives of four friends who survive abuse, disability, adoption, and abortion issues, so I leave you with my warning that if you are are a victim of abuse, this novel may be a trigger.  I will, of course, be here along the way, if you chose to read it, and experience it all over again with me.  Our restitution.  Taking back what was rightfully ours to begin with and giving it purpose.

My personal blog, here at Restitution includes stories that lead into the life of the novel.  Leave your feedback, and in what ways I can be encouraging to you in your own journey.  Restitution is my story.  How will you tell yours?

Reach out.  It’s Never In Vain.  I promise you.




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